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Frequently asked questions

Contact your insurance company and notify them of the damage. All insurance companies follow their own repair procedures depending upon the size and severity of the storm. You may be advised of an assessment centre to take your car to for a quote, or in some cases be directed to the United Hail Repairs hotline ( 1300 308 294 ) to arrange a suitable time and location for an assessment of your vehicle.

If you are not sure what to do after lodging your claim with your insurer, give us a call.

There are FAQ’s here that outline the majority of peoples queries.  However if you go to “the Repair Process” page on this site you will see more detailed explanation & information.

Sure we will, make contact with us to organize an assessment and to discuss the best way forward on repairing your vehicle.

Typically an assessment takes 15-30 mins where we look at each panel and record the hail damage, and take photos of your vehicle.  You are fine to stay with your vehicle while we do this.

The United Hail Repairs team will quote the damage to your car, noting any conventional repairs (such as paintwork) or parts to be replaced. A formal quote will be given to your insurance company for approval to commence repairs. Your insurance company or a member of the United Hail Repairs team will contact you to advise of a time and location for the repairs to be carried out. We recommend you keep in contact with both your insurance company and United Hail Repairs at all stages of the claim and repair process.

The United Hail Repairs team will complete all repairs including any paintwork and the replacement of all damaged parts to the highest standards every time. We understand the quality and turn around time expectations of our customers and we as a team strive to exceed those expectations every day. As a guide – we exceed the general market in timeliness and quality – as we are the hail repair experts. It can typically range from 1 week to several weeks.

Typically its best to pay your excess at the time of lodgment of you insurance claim.  If your vehicle is checked in for repair, it needs to be paid to allow us to release your vehicle for collection. Any concerns or questions give us a call on 1300308294

We select the best method to repair your vehicle.  This can be a combination of PDR and Conventional repair and paintwork. Its important to us that we deliver the best solution to your vehicle, and on occasion the method of repair changes along the repair journey.

  • What is PDR? PDR is a repair method that enables the repair of dents in vehicle panels of all metal types without the need to repaint the completed repair area. This is where the damage enables our highly skilled PDR technicians to push or pull the dents out of your vehicle.  The result is the metal panel returns to its original form i.e. with no dents!

  • What is Conventional Repair and Paintwork? Where a panel has been severely damaged and PDR alone will not repair the panel, we rely on traditional panel beating methods including repairing, replacing and painting the affected panel.

We are always interested in establishing good working relaitonships with skilled technicians and businesses.  Fill in this form and we will be in touch.