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The Repair Process

United Hail Repairs offer a time efficient, end to end hail repair service – a one stop shop. To date well over 100,000 vehicles of all makes and models have been quoted and repaired in our assessment and repair facilities as well as in dealerships and fleets.

First and foremost – hail events occur in many locations, with different severity over a 6 – 8 month hail season.  UHR have agents and technicians across the country. We also have mobile response teams that travel to towns and cities around Australia. United Hail repairs respond to hail events and are there for you to have your hail damaged vehicle repaired.

There are some common steps in getting your hail damaged vehicle repaired.  As always if these common steps don’t meet your needs, please contact us so we can tailor a solution. 

This is pretty self-explanatory

Typically, owners of hail damaged vehicles report the damage to their insurer.  United Hail Repairs are the preferred repairer for a number of insurance companies and are advised on the owner and vehicle details.

Contact us if you are not sure of how to get your vehicle assessed.  Usually when owners lodge their claim either the insurer or UHR will make contact to offer an assessment date and time.  The assessment needs take between 15-30mins. The outside of the vehicle should be clean so we can properly identify all of the damage

The damaged vehicle has the damage on each panel marked up. 

Photos are taken of the vehicle

The repair method for each panel is inspected and marked on our in-house hail quoting tool.  Each panel is reviewed identifying if the panel can be paintless dent repaired (PDR) or if it needs conventional repairs and paint.  Also any damaged parts are identified.

Typically a repair date with an estimated target timeframe to repair the vehicle is negotiated with the owner. 

UHR submit the estimate and photos to the insurer for approval to repair the vehicle

UHR will be aiming to deliver your repaired vehicle to the owner as specified by the target repair timeframe.  The target repair timeframe is reviewed when the vehicle is dropped in for repair and undergoes more detailed examination before starting the repair.  If the target timeframe changes for any reason we will contact the owners as soon as the change is known.

How we repair the vehicle is as follows:

  • UHR perform paintless dent repairs where the damage supports this repair method. PDR is a repair method that enables the repair of dents in vehicle panels of all metal types without the need to repaint the completed repair area.

Some panels of the vehicle have no access to the rear of the dent, like in the cant rails on the sides of the roof panel for example. Here we apply a different technique where we use hot glues and special glue tabs attaching these tabs to the dented area from the outside, to pull the dents out of the damaged panel.

  • We continue to lead and innovate and are at the leading edge of implementing new technology that determines what is repairable V what needs painting or replacing.

If the panel / vehicle can not be PDR’d we will either handle in house, or work with our extensive network of partner repairers to repair and paint panels.

  • All vehicles undergo rigorous quality checks, including being inspected in the light tunnel to ensure quality repaired vehicles are delivered to their owners in a timely fashion.