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United Hail Repairs Mobilised in Gympie

Photo taken by Jeremy Hore

As a s result of the hail storm in the Gympie / Fraser coast areas, United Hail Repairs have sent a team to the area to quote and repair vehicles on behalf of the owners insurance companies.  United Hail Repairs have operated previously in the area as well as work with local hail repairers in the past, however due to the timing of the event and the numbers, were sending a team to concentrate on the event.  We are operating from 11/11/ Hall Road Glanmire.  You can call 1300 308 294 to discuss any questions you may have.  Its hoped that repairs can commence early in the new year and for as many of the damaged vehicles to be repaired quickly.  Here’s a quick article from ABC News on the event :

United Hail Repairs Newcastle Hail Assessment Facility – 12 Rural Drive Sandgate

As many people in the Newcastle and Central coast area know there was a damaging hail storm on the 26th May.  United Hail Repairs were repairing vehicles throughout the area but on low volumes.  With the scale of this large event – United Hail Repairs do what we are great at – mobilising people and equipment to a new large temporary facility.

We are proud of this great new facility – we’ve fitted out to assess and repair hail damaged vehicles.  We are supported by an Auto & General Assessing team onsite  – able to assist with queries we are unable to assist with.  United Hail Repairs are delivering the end to end solution so we can quickly repair damaged vehicles to the highest standards.  Our site opened 5th June and we will be assessing and repairing vehicles from this main location for several months.  Any queries please give us a call on 1300308294.

United Hail Repairs responding to Newcastle and Central Coast Hail Storm

United Hail Repairs are mobilising specialists and resources to respond to the event of the 26th of May.  Hunter and Central Coast regions were battered by large hail stones damaging many vehicles.  The size of the event is significant due to the severity of damage and the large populated area affected by the storm.

United Hail repairs are in the process of finalising the set up of a new Hail Facility to support the number of damaged vehicles.  We specialise in mobilising to hail affected areas – nationally and are in the final stages of setup, to allow for bulk assessments of the damage in conjunction More details on our new location coming soon. Here’s an article from ABC

Port Macquarie Experiences a Hail Storm on 28/11/2022

United Hail Repairs mobilised to the area and have setup a shed in Wauchope to service hail damaged vehicles.  Our expert tradesmen are onsite ready to quote and repair hail damaged vehicles. Give us a call to see how we can help in delivering quality and timely repairs to the Port Macquarie area.  See below for a news article on the storm.